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Unarmed security guards are the better choice for the majority of businesses looking to protect people, goods and property. Here are some reasons for choosing them:

You will save money: Armed guards cost more, so companies on a tight budget may go with the unarmed type. The hourly rate for armed security is higher, and insurance costs typically rise when you keep armed guards on your property.

You will minimize your liability: Property owners can be held liable for the actions of their security guards. For instance, if an armed guard shoots someone on your property and causes injury or death, you could be held responsible. Unarmed guards have been trained to deter crime and violence using non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, tasers and batons.

Unarmed guards are ideal if you have quick access to the police: If law enforcement officers can be quickly deployed to your business, you probably don’t need armed guards. We provide our unarmed security team with communications tools to help them get in touch with each other and police.

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