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Anti-Riot & Looting Security. Protect your Retail, Residential and Commercial Property from Vandalism, Looting and Theft.

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Production Security Services (PSS) provides full-service security and risk management solutions specialized to our client's needs. Our goal is to provide high-caliber security with hands-on customer service, risk analysis, and highly trained guards to provide solutions that assist our customer's security needs.

PSS is headquartered in Los Angeles, specializing in Entertainment Production Security, business and residential facilities.

Business and Residential Security

Whether it be luxury residences, residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals, warehouses and more,  PSS provides top quality security guards that patrol and keep you and your tenants safe.

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24/7 Dispatch

Our clients have direct 24/7 access to a live person in our PSS dispatch department.  All your questions, concerns and requests will be handled in a timely and efficient time frame.  Communication is key.

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Specializing in Location Security

Production Security Services staff have years of experience maintaining, securing and assisting our productions.  Our staff is highly trained to attack any challenge that comes our way.  Trust your production to the experts.

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Since 1993

Years Of Quality

Production Security Services staff have been providing exceptional security services to the entertainment industry for over 15 years.  It is our mission to provide the fast paced film industry the highest quality guards available.  Our team has years of experience and our performance is a valuable asset to your production and we take pride in being part of your team.

Production Security Services provides 24/7 customer service.  Our experienced staff is always on duty to answer any questions or requests.



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