Armed Guards

Armed security guards are trained and licensed to handle firearms. They carry a firearm at all times and are authorized to use it when necessary. In some cases, armed guards are the better fit for a company’s security requirements. Here are some examples:

Priceless valuables must be protected: Money, jewelry and artwork can be a target of armed thieves. Security guards with weapons might discourage their attempts.

Violence-prone locations: Some settings lend themselves to violence. Hospital emergency rooms in high-crime areas or those that frequently treat gang fight injuries could be susceptible to vicious outbreaks. Certain bars and nightclubs become breeding grounds for trouble as the night wears on. Unfortunately, it’s seldom clear whether the presence of armed guards will diffuse tensions or whether the sight of a weapon might provoke further escalation.

Guards who are out of sight: While armed security guards can put business owners at ease, they can put clients and customers on edge. Guards with weapons might send a message that the place of business is unsafe. Because of this, it’s often better to have armed guards kept behind the scenes.

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